Hotel Sales Wizard

Scalable cloud-based booking system for accommodation facilities worldwide

What are we doing?

Provision of services on implementation or execution of certain stages of implementation and maintenance

Software design, development, and implementation for all types of platforms

Software development and modification

Development and implementation of automated management systems

Export of information services by means of the World Wide Web

Developing and updating customer's websites

Website development is an individual, customised project. The development work is executed by the employees of the company. Customers for the development or updating of the website can be the customers themselves — accommodation facilities and other customers, as well as partners who act as an intermediary between he developer and the ultimate user.

Module for accommodation facility management

The module provides the opportunity to manage the accommodation facility and to interact with the accommodated customers. It displays information on the guest accommodation in rooms, automatically generates documents related to the accommodation of guests, and simplifies the analysis of the operation history and forecasting of the accommodation facility’s performance in different scenarios. The module integrates with the accounting system to keep track of income and expenses and integrates with the accommodation infrastructure such as cash registers and smart lock systems.

Integration module with OTA distribution channels

The module provides the exchange of data on the hotel room inventory, prices, and available rooms to the booking platforms (OTAs, travel agencies). The platforms perform the process of selling rooms of accommodation facilities and transmission of information about the sold service to the accommodation facility. Thus, the module allows accommodation facilities to efficiently manage room sales through booking platforms and automatically update information on room availability in real-time mode.

Module for automatic generation of the website of the accommodation facility

The module is a CMS system that provides a quick creation of an accommodation facility website on the Internet with the possibility of booking services by guests. The creation of the website is performed in just a few clicks, which greatly simplifies the process and saves time.

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Module for attracting traffic to the official website

The module provides information on room availability, prices, and balances to metasearch engines such as Google and TripAdvisor. These systems can s ell rooms of the accommodation facilities on their platforms or redirect traffic to the official website. The information is transmitted directly to the accommodation facility during the booking of rooms, which simplifies the booking process and reduces the error probability.

Module for monitoring competitor prices

The module is part of the DSS tools for revenue managers of the accommodation facilities and provides automatic monitoring and analysis of competitor prices. It helps hoteliers to set the right prices for each day and remain competitive in the market.

Module for managing prices of the accommodation facility

The module is part of the DSS tools for revenue managers. It enables setting the regulations for the automatic adjustment of accommodation prices, which significantly simplifies the work of revenue managers. In the future, the module will be able to automatically optimise the utilisation of the room inventory by managing the selling price of each room night.

Module for reputation monitoring

The module is part of the DSS tools for revenue managers and provides the automatic monitoring and selection of guests’ feedback on accommodation from various public sources. This provides a timely response to guest negative feedback and enables adjustments to be made to the accommodation facility’s services. Thus, this module provides the necessary tools to improve the quality of guest service and increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Module of assistance to the revenue manager

The module is part of the DSS tools for revenue managers and is designed to optimise the decision-making process for setting up the policy of selling the booking services of the accommodation facility. It informs the hotelier about system settings that may have a negative impact on room inventory sales. Additionally, this module allows the hotelier to make accommodation and service bookings from a personal account by guest’s call, as well as to generate a payment link.

Module of integration with PMS

The module allows automatic real-time synchronisation of information on the room inventory, prices, room balances, and additional services between the system developed by the company and the Property Management Systems (PMS) of the accommodation facility.

Module for receiving payments

The module enables the accommodation facility staff to create a booking based on a verbal or written request from a guest and simplifies the payment process for accommodation and additional services by integrating the cloud system and the module for receiving electronic payments.

Module of integration with products of other software providers

The module provides external developers with the possibility to use the system resources to extend the functionality offered to the accommodation facility. The module can be used to create specific integrations or to automate specific processes that correspond to the needs of a particular accommodation facility. This feature can provide the accommodation facility with additional functionality that will improve the quality of guest service and increase customer satisfaction.

Module for automating the work of the partner's support staff

The module is designed for internal use by the partner’s support staff. In particular, the module simplifies the monitoring of the dynamics of online sales of the accommodation facilities and the operating status of each of the connected modules of the system. On the basis of the data provided by the module, the support staff can provide significantly higher quality and more meaningful support to the employees of the accommodation facility.

Module for accepting electronic payments

The module is designed to provide the possibility of electronic payment by the guest at all stages of booking and accommodation: from the moment of booking to the moment the guest leaves the accommodation facility. The module performs technical integration with payment gateways and provides the manager of the accommodation facility with an interface for monitoring past bookings, payments, and calculation of remuneration.